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The FU'A TOULA KADJI DEFOSSO Foundation is the result of the realization of the spirit of sharing, patriotism, the search for excellence and love of his neighbor initiated by the Patriarch Fu'a Toula KADJI DEFOSSO.

Through this initiative supported by Union Camerounaise de Brasseries, several actions are carried out in the social field. This is in order to provide support to people who need support.

The month of March being devoted to women under the specific theme in Cameroon of "Equality today for a sustainable future", the FU'A TOULA KADJI DEFOSSO Foundation through its initiative "International Women's Day Scholarship Program" allows women aged 20 to 45 to acquire financial autonomy and also to be able to support their community by training in domains such as mechanics, welding, animal husbandry, agriculture, and all other innovative training.

In Act 5, the results of this initiative are most encouraging with more than 100 women having benefited from training that was 100% subsidized or a project that was more than 85% funded.
The adventure goes on. From March 1 to 31, 2022, applications are registered to be able to make each woman a leader in her community. Whether you are unemployed, entrepreneur, undereducated..., follow the link  and join the #LaureatCommunityTeam of the FUA TOULA KADJI DEFOSSO Foundation.