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Bana is a sub-division of Cameroon (created in 1963, modified in ~1995) located on the road from Bafang to Bangangté. There is a Government high school and a Government technical high school.

Bana is also a chiefdom founded in 1379 by the Fon Tchokogwe (Nza), a first degree chieftaincy headed by the Fon Sikam Happi V, successor in 2003 of the fon Konchipe Happi IV.

From 1916 to 1920, Bana was the capital of the Western district under French administration.

Located at altitude, Bana enjoys a cool climate. Agriculture is mainly done for food, with the exception of Arabica coffee (cultivated in particular in the Koza and So districts).

The agglomeration has about 9,000 inhabitants, but the diaspora of emigrants who consider themselves to belong to the village is larger.

The language spoken in the village is Nufi, which the locals simply call Bana.

Bana means Among (Ba) the Néé. The name of Née is therefore the name of the inhabitants (although they most often refer to themselves as being bana in French). Néé means to insist, to harass, to pursue, which seems related to the qualities of the founder.




800px Entree Chefferie Bana

Entrance to the Bana Chiefdom


bana city hall

Bana City Hall